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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Todd tells Blair he's making inroads with their sullen daughter and getting their relationship back on track. Sarah is unpleasantly surprised to learn that Cris never came home because he spent the night in jail.

John and Talia continue their private inquiry into the new police commissioner's devious past. Markko guesses Starr's secret despite Cole's denials. Meanwhile, Langston assures Starr she did the right thing in choosing not to go through with the abortion.

Nash objects when Jessica announces that she's heading back down to the police station to help Cristian make bail. Excited at the prospect of becoming a father, Cole contemplates ways to make more money to support his new family. Promising to keep their conversation confidential, Blair encourages Starr to open up to her.

At the jail, Sarah asks Cris why he didn't call her when he was arrested, then is taken aback when he suggests she was too busy with Nash to care. Markko agrees to help Cole smuggle a note into La Boulet.

Starr is on the verge of confiding in her mother but clams up when Todd barges in. Ramsey taunts John after Cristian is released without being charged.

Todd tells Starr he might let her see Cole again if she stays away from the boy for the next six months. Cole cons John into loaning him some fast cash. Michael delivers bad news to Antonio.

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