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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.28.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

In Virginia, Dorian is aghast when Brody plants a kiss on the newly arrived Adriana. Natalie and Jared begin to give in to passion during a heated encounter at Buchanan Enterprises. Down the hall, Gigi hauls off and slaps Rex across the face when he gets a bit too close for comfort.

Starr balks at running away with Cole, then is startled when he reveals that he also wants to marry her. Natalie hastily pulls away from Jared's embrace when she hears her mother and Charlie approaching. Brody informs Adriana, Dorian and Layla he has no intention of reuniting with Gigi.

Displaying the comic book Shane produced, Adriana tells Brody his son idolizes him because of all the heroic tales he's heard about his dad. Gigi confides to Marcie how she and Rex nearly shared a kiss.

Charlie hisses a warning to Jared about his reckless behavior. Meanwhile, Natalie assures a skeptical Viki that working with her newfound "uncle" hasn't been a problem. Gigi wonders if Rex is having second thoughts about tying the knot with Adriana.

As Layla watches in disgust, Adriana lays it on thick to convince Brody he's needed in Llanview. Starr decides to go along with Cole's plan after all.

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