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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Viki meets with Calvin and questions his decision to go after Buchanan Enterprises. Meanwhile, Clint warns Bo and Nora he's going to fight dirty to save the company. Calvin meets with Bo and Clint and surprises them by calling off his takeover attempt.

Eddie pushes John's buttons and makes no effort to hide the fact he thinks what they did to Antonio is despicable. John, Talia and Antonio are surprised by Ramsey's kindness towards Jamie when she and Carlotta drop by the station. While on a drug bust, Ramsey admits to Antonio he overheard Michael telling Antonio about Jamie's illness. Antonio is tempted by the satchel of money he recovered during the bust.

Starr grows emotional while spending time with her family and realizes it will be the last time she'll have a night together with them. Starr and Langston share a tearful goodbye. Viki catches Starr as she's about to sneak out to rendezvous with Cole.

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