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One Life to Live
August 19, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, in a dream, Marty accuses John of destroying her life. Across town, John dreams of a visit from Marty, who wonders why he's taken up with Todd's ex-wife of all people.

A shaken Shane tells Brody how he dreamt that they were not father and son. In 1968, Gigi is astounded to find Rex in bed with a woman who could be her identical twin.

Confronted with a vision of his late dad, Bo suggests to Asa that they clear the air once and for all. "Marty" warns John to beware of Todd's inevitable retaliation.

Meanwhile, "John" advises Marty not to trust a word out of Todd's mouth. Brody reassures Shane that nothing will separate them.

Gigi sadly explains to Rex how she traveled back through time to rescue him, only to discover him sleeping with Emma. Bo takes Asa to task for treating the women in his life so badly.

Rex realizes that Brody lied about having sex with Gigi.

Later, Rex finally declares his love to his high school sweetheart and promises he'll find a way to get them home to 2008. Brody contemplates putting Rex's DNA sample to good use.
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One Life To Live
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