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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Marty awakens screaming from a nightmare about being gang raped. In 1968, Gigi makes her way to the Buchanan ranch and is baffled to see "Moe" and "Noelle" behaving so strangely.

Marcie asks Michael if it's too late to salvage their marriage. Todd comforts a terrified Marty, then squirms when she tearfully describes the details of her dream.

Blair promises to cheer John up as they return to his room. Certain he's stuck in the past and will soon be sent to Vietnam, a gloomy Rex wishes he could have told Gigi he loved her.

Michael reminds his wife why they will never be free of Todd if she adopts Starr's baby. Blair teases John about his penchant for wearing nothing but black clothing all the time.

Gigi appeals to the other partygoers for help finding Rex
. Meanwhile, Emma offers to stand in for "Bo's" long lost girlfriend.

Marty begs an uneasy Todd to sit beside her on the bed until she falls asleep again. Gigi is taken aback to discover that young Spencer Truman is the spitting image of her son.

Down the hall, Rex makes love to Emma but can't stop thinking about Gigi. Michael and Marcie fall into bed together. John dreams about Marty after having sex with Blair.

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