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One Life to Live Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on One Life to Live:

"Jessica" reads the riot act to a startled Tina, who wonders why her niece is acting so strange. Clint offers Jared the chance to redeem himself with the Buchanan clan by helping to bring Dorian down.

Antonio explains to Carlotta and Jamie why he must return to Mendorra to rescue Talia. Cole tells Markko and Langston he's decided to attend a university as far away from Starr as possible.

Over lunch with Blair, Marcie asks Starr if she and her mother would like to be a part of her baby's life. Meanwhile, Todd threatens to expose a certain OB/GYN's dirty little secret unless she cooperates fully with his plan.

Langston confides to Nora why she'll be reluctant to leave Llanview when it's time for her to attend college. Cris and Sarah are puzzled to find "Jessica" raging at Tina.

Clint discloses to Jared how Langston has an uncle in South America whose existence is unknown to her and Dorian. Starr invites a pleased Marcie to be present at the birth of her baby.

Tina gives Sarah and Cristian a lot of beneficial inside information to pass on to Antonio. Starr's doctor is forced to knuckle under to Todd's blackmail.

Cris and Sarah insist on accompanying Antonio to Mendorra. Cole has an awkward encounter with Starr at the country club.

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