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One Life to Live
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on One Life to Live ...

Rex is stunned by Gigi's confession.

In Mendorra, Talia icily reminds a fuming Jonas that she'll consummate their sham of a marriage the day hell freezes over.

Intrigued to find Marty hiding behind Todd's place, Tess realizes that her uncle has been feeding his amnesiac guest a pack of lies.

Carlo considers applying special pressure to his daughter to force her to comply with Jonas' demands. Gigi and Rex are suddenly transported back to 2008, where she confirms the fact that they share a son.

Though pleased to learn of his true connection to Shane, Rex berates Gigi for keeping him in the dark for so long. After subduing a palace guard, Antonio is happily reunited with Talia.

John reports to Blair how a search of her ex-husband's house turned up nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, Todd advises Tess not to "confuse" Marty with too much information about her past all at once.

Blair finally removes her wedding ring. Gigi entreats Rex to understand why she turned to Brody after he left town years ago.

Disguised as a butler and maid, Cris and Sarah eavesdrop on Carlo's conversation with Jonas. Out of Marty's earshot, Tess taunts Todd about trying to rewrite history.

John and Blair make plans for a hot evening.

Rex and Gigi declare their love. Tess threatens to blow the whistle on Todd unless he keeps mum about her impersonating Jessica.

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One Life To Live
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