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Clint and Nora head home with Jared, who reassures Renee that his wound isn't serious. At the hospital, Jessica and Nash learn that Allison's doctors don't expect her to live another hour. Cristian and Sarah are all smiles after spending the night making love. As Matthew commends his "Uncle" Jared for the rescue of Jessica, Nora quietly asks the others not to tell her son just yet about Bo losing his job.

Ramsey phones Gigi with an ultimatum. Under questioning from Antonio, Jessica (Bree Williamson) neglects to reveal how she sprung Allison from St. Ann's. Strolling around the apartment naked, Sarah and Cris are forced to duck into hiding when Layla and Vincent return. Overwhelmed by the Buchanans' adulation, Jared tells Nigel he won't regret keeping mum about the phony DNA test.

Jessica is sorely disappointed to discover that the DVD Allison was carrying was smashed to pieces when she fell from the balcony. Ramsey advises a shuddering Gigi to stay in Llanview with Shane so he can keep an eye on them. Vince (Tobias Truvillion) is amused to catch Sarah and her boyfriend trying to sneak back into the bedroom. Antonio can't hide his distaste for his new boss.

One Life To Live
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