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Rex's pride in his dad expands after Charlie and Jared's heroism is spread all over the front page of the morning paper. Bo explains to a dismayed Matthew how the mayor decided to replace him for political reasons. Ramsey wastes no time making himself at home in the commissioner's office. Adriana bristles to learn that Gigi and her son are considering staying in Llanview indefinitely.

Viki invites Gigi and Shane to move in with her for a while. Clint invites his brother to join the family business but Bo insists he needs more time to process the changes in his life. Ramsey counters Todd's threats with ominous remarks of his own. Langston is forced to lie to Starr after Cole phones and asks her to meet him on the sly. Rex's fast rapport with Shane makes Adriana ill at ease.

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One Life To Live
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