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Determined to connect with his son, Charlie gies to Llanfair and confronts Jared. John and Michael break into "Sally Ann's" room at the Bon Suites to search for clues. Meanwhile, Ramsey and Todd force a frightened Gigi to call Marcie. Dorian frowns as a giggling Blair and Addie get matching temporary tattoos.

At the courthouse, R.J. suggests to Bo that they put their differences aside and present a united front to support Lindsay. As she reports for her shift, Viki explains to Moe why Charlie left Paris. Jared tells his dad he wants nothing to do with him. Addie insists on accompanying Dorian and Blair to Lindsay's hearing.

Gigi tearfully begs her uninvited guests to give her back her son. Charlie again appeals to Jared to let him make up for lost time. Nora feels highly confident going into the competency hearing. Noelle comes back from the Bake-Off sporting the blue ribbon for first place.

Gigi is reunited with Shane

Michael and John find proof of "Sally Ann's" true identity. Lindsay is declared fit to stand trial for murder.

One Life To Live
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