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PART I: Starr confides to Langston (Brittany Underwood) how she doesn't want to add to her best friend's pain by talking about Cole's sadly similar predicament. Meanwhile, on the docks, Cole flees in terror after accidentally shooting Miles. Panicked to recognize Michael's voice at the door of her motel room, Marcie hisses at Gigi to keep mum. As Ramsey sets off in pursuit of Cole, John dives into the icy water in an effort to save Miles. Dorian tells David she was a fool to ever let him go. Todd and Blair share a lingering kiss.

PART II: Michael hears Tommy saying "Da-da" and begs Marcie to let him in. Langston assures Starr that Cole (Brandon Buddy) will come back to her when he's ready. While Marcie (Kathy Brier) ducks into hiding with Tommy, Gigi attempts to convince Michael that she is "Sally Ann." David suggests to Dorian that she's merely trying to use him to make Clint jealous. Rex prods Roxy to admit that she's fallen for Miles. Cole climbs through Starr's window and shakily reveals that he may have killed Miles. David scratches the lottery ticket Viki gave him. John locates Miles and tows him back to the pier. He begins performing CPR.

One Life To Live
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