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PART I: Nora tells Bo she thinks he wants to punish her for dating his brother. Todd vows to put Marcie behind bars, but John suggests that he reconsider seeking revenge. Starr reports to Blair how Cole and Langston both lied to her in order to hang out together behind her back. Clint bumps into Lindsay at the diner. Bo admits to Nora that he can't shake the memory of how she cheated on him with Sam during marriage.

PART II: Gigi explains to Rex why she's come to Llanview to testify on Marcie's behalf. Roxy meets Shane and takes an instant shine to the boy. Langston and Cole finalize plans for Starr's Sweet 16. Nora asks her ex why he can't forgive her one mistake when he overlooks Lindsay's endless string of lies. John advises Todd to use his newspaper asĀ  pulpit for Marcie's defense. Lindsay denies Clint's allegations that she faked her breakdown. As One Life to Live concludes, Bo and Nora resolve their differences.

One Life To Live
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