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On today's One Life to Live, "Tess" coyly tells Jared she wants to make up for what she did to him a few years back. Astonished to discover that Charlie knows Viki, Dorian questions him about his lady friend.

At the Bon Jour Cafe, Marcie (Kathy Brier) is stunned to come face to face with her tormentor's sister. Miles explains to Natalie why he feels he should find a new place to live following his last encounter with Roxy.

Jared accuses Jessica of putting on a performance for his benefit but she continues to work at convincing him that her alter has returned with a vengeance. Charlie confides how much he misses Viki.

Enraged when Viki warns her she's not going to be allowed to leave with the baby, Marcie pulls out the gun she took from Ramsey. Nash fills Natalie in on Jared's latest effort to take complete control of the vineyard.

Adriana (Melissa Gallo) sheepishly admits to Rex how she blurted out their secret to her cousin in a moment of anger. Panicked when Todd and John arrive at the diner, Marcie holds the men at bay with her weapon.

Jared's curiosity is piqued after "Tess" lays out her plan for fleecing the Buchanans. Rex and Adriana fret about facing charges for keeping mum as to Tommy's real identity. Miles suggests Natalie try online dating.

Dorian invites Charlie to stay at La Boulet. Nash guesses that his wife has been carrying on a charade with their uninvited guest. Todd is taken aback when Marcie shows him and John the hostage she's taken.

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