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PART I: As One Life to Live resumes, Nash hits the roof when Jessica admits she's been pretending to be Tess. Roxy accuses Miles of dumping her to be with Natalie. Adriana gets cold feet about revealing her engagement to her mother but Rex reminds her why they need Dorian's support.

In Texas, Marcie threatens to shoot Viki unless John and Todd back away from the door of the diner. Through clenched teeth, Dorian offers congratulations to her daughter and Rex as they make their announcement.

Viki urges Marcie (Kathy Brier) to surrender peacefully before the situation gets too far out of hand. Charlie unwittingly selects an all-too-familiar surname.

PART II: Nash scolds Jessica for getting off on playing her vivacious alter ego. John tries again to coax his sister-in-law out but Marcie only redoubles her resolve to hang on to Tommy by any means necessary.

Todd places calls to the police and the FBI. Rex wonders if he could be related to Charlie somehow after learning that they have the "same" last name. Jessica refuses to back down from her master plan.

Marcie panics to see a SWAT team surround the Bon Jour. Roxy is thrilled at Rex's news but her excitement fades when he talks about researching their family tree. Todd gives a live interview as the crisis deepens.

One Life To Live
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