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One Life to Live
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Rex assures Gigi he feels no guilt about their kiss, then proves it by locking lips with her once again.

Cole confesses to a seething Starr how he spilled her secret to Todd. John hits upon a possible way to figure out the identity of the mystery woman who was ensconced in Ramsey's penthouse.

Marty asks an uneasy Janet what she knows about Todd. Gigi reminds Rex how she doesn't want to come between him and his wife.

Todd warns Marcie and Michael that he will never let them raise his grandchild. Blair furiously berates Cole for betraying her daughter's trust.

Charlie explains to Viki why he believes Dorian was involved somehow in his fall off the wagon. Brody and Shane's arrival deters Gigi just as she begins to confess the truth to Rex.

Marcie defiantly stands up to Todd, venting her fury on him for all his past misdeeds. Meanwhile, Starr accuses Cole of siding with her father against her.

Viki tearfully admits to Charlie that she loves him but can't forget how he lied. Janet discloses to Marty her suspicion that John had some role in Lee's murder.

Out of Gigi's earshot, Brody makes it crystal clear to Rex that his services as Shane's "substitute dad" are no longer required.

Determined to learn more about her own life, Marty decides to Google herself but Todd quickly puts the kibosh on that idea.

Starr bitterly suggests to Cole that he's become just like her father.

Michael asks Marcie if Starr's baby is worth more to her than their marriage. Later, Michael packs a bag and walks out. John lends Blair a sympathetic ear.

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