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One Life to Live
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Michael takes up residence on the couch in his brother's apartment. Rattled to discover that Bo has vanished, Rex frets about his friend's fragile state of mind. Marcie meets with Starr to discuss the adoption.

Todd decides to file an injunction against his daughter to prevent her from giving her baby to the McBains. Stunned by Talia's confession, Antonio withdraws his knife from Carlo's throat.

Meanwhile, Cristian explains to Sarah why he knows firsthand how cruel and evil Carlo can be. Starr is thrilled to think she's found the perfect parents for her unborn child but balks when Marcie hesitantly reveals that she'll probably have to raise the baby as a single mom.

Across town, Michael reminds John why adopting Todd's grandchild would be an unmitigated disaster. Delphina offers a skeptical Rex her assistance in locating Bo.

Talia tells Antonio she came to Llanview in hopes of undoing some of the damage her biological father inflicted on the town. Cole starts to feel uneasy about joining forces with Todd to take Starr to court.

Delphina warns Rex that both he and Bo will suffer grave consequences unless he "follows the pie." Cris promises Sarah he'll get them out of Mendorra safely.

To Marcie's great relief, Starr consents to formalizing their agreement that very day. Talia apologizes to Antonio for keeping her true parentage a secret. Rex bids farewell to Gigi before setting off on his quest.

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