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One Life to Live
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July 15, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Langston persuades a reluctant Markko to videotape her attempted seduction of David. Meanwhile, Clint tells Nora he believes David may be the key to besting Dorian.

At the courthouse, Starr is outraged to learn that Cole has teamed up with Todd to file an injunction against her. Still posing as Jessica, Tess invites Natalie and Jared to help her make a special dinner.

Michael tells Blair why he doesn't support Marcie's plan to adopt Starr's baby. As Markko tapes them from his hiding place, a scantily clad Langston puts the moves on David.

Cole reminds a seething Starr that he has to do what he thinks is best. Later, Morgan asks the judge to put a halt to the closed adoption Starr arranged without the consent of her baby's father.

Nora and Clint double team Dorian during a visit to "Cramer Enterprises." Tess secretly cuts the brake lines on Natalie's car.

John lends Blair a sympathetic ear once again. Todd exults when the judge rules that Starr's contract with Marcie is null and void. Markko finally puts an end to Langston's act.

Tess cons Natalie and Jared into volunteering to drive to the vineyard. Starr warns Cole to rethink his partnership with Todd.

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