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One Life to Live
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on One Life to Live:

Judy guesses that Starr is the pregnant girl who offered to let Marcie adopt her baby. After revealing his plans to marry Lindsay that very day, Bo asks Rex to stand up at the wedding as his best man.

Meanwhile, Nora breaks the news of Bo's impulsive nuptials to a startled Viki. Blair comes to Todd's place and demands that he open the door. Roxy consults with Madame Delphina about the chances of her son forgiving her enormous lie.

Cole reminds Starr how much he needs her and their child in his life. Listening from the next room, Marty hears Blair arguing with Todd. Dorian orders Brody to return her money but he informs her and a surprised Gigi that he's already deposited the check into a college fund for Shane.

Though Dorian threatens to expose the truth about Shane's paternity, Brody calmly calls her bluff. Judy tells Marcie why Cole has to be on board before the private adoption can go through.

John badgers a judge to grant him a search warrant for Todd's new residence. Starr sadly informs Cole she knows she isn't ready to raise a child.

After Blair signs the divorce papers and departs, Todd pretends for Marty's benefit that he's crushed by his soon-to-be ex-wife's "affair" with John McBain.

Delphina dispenses clues to a baffled Viki, Nora and Charlie. Rex spots Gigi giving Brody a grateful hug. Nora finally unearths R.J.'s fateful letter to Lindsay.

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One Life To Live
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