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One Life to Live
Thursday, July 3

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Today on One Life to Live, Princess Tina returns to Mendorra with Cristian and Antonio in tow. John lends Blair a sympathetic ear after he finds her moping at the Angel Square diner.

Meanwhile, Todd plays the martyr to the hilt as he spins a yarn for Marty's benefit about the way John broke up the Mannings' happy marriage.

In their cell in the bowels of the palace dungeon, Talia apologetically admits to Sarah how she led her into a trap. Starr begs Cole not to let their differing opinions drive them apart.

Bo happily tells Rex he feels certain he and Lindsay will make a go of it. Down the hall, Nora warns Clint that his brother cannot marry a murderer but he accuses her of looking for any excuse to prevent Bo from tying the knot.

Todd slyly reinforces Marty's low opinion of the man who "left her to die." Sarah explains to an astonished Talia that her mother is Mendorran royalty. Cole informs Starr he will never let her give his baby away.

Nora struggles with a moral dilemma as she watches her longtime nemesis exchange vows with a beaming Bo. Intrigued to realize that John is investigating her ex, Blair offers to help the detective sneak into Todd's house.

Todd lies to his amnesiac houseguest when she asks if she has any children of her own. Jonas keeps Tina, Antonio and Cris in the dark about their loved ones. Talia is reunited with her father - Carlo Hesser. Nora suddenly interrupts the wedding.

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