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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Certain she's going to die, Sarah calls out to Cristian to declare her love. Mel tells a puzzled Dorian she needs to bring Viki back from the dead.

Meanwhile, a beaming Viki is reunited with Ben in a heavenly version of the Crossroads bar where they first fell in love.

A concerned Cord calls Clint when he can't reach Sarah. In 1968, Bo finds himself face to face with an indignant Emma Bradley and her young son, Spencer Truman.

Prodded by Mel, Dorian attempts to resuscitate Viki but cannot find a pulse. Cris finally breaks free from Carlo's goons and swims out to the raft as it drifts ever closer to the waterfall.

David happens onto the crash site and begs Dorian to revive Viki, adding that he'll divorce Addie if she succeeds. Ben explains to Viki why she must go back home and fight for Charlie.

Cord and Clint reminisce about Maria. Though Tina is elated to think that Sarah and Cris have escaped, Carlo reminds his prisoner that her daughter still can't elude the lethal falls.

Bo explains to Rex how David Vickers became part of the Buchanan clan and decides that if he, as Asa, doesn't sleep with Emma, David won't be born. Dorian manages to restart Viki's heart at last.

Until next time on One Life to Live ...

One Life To Live
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