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One Life to Live
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on One Life to Live ...

In the ER, Charlie tells Viki how relieved he is to know that she's okay. David faces off with Dorian as he demands the return of the annulment papers.

Marty asks Todd what happened to the three men who raped her years ago. A thunderstorm forces Blair and John to take refuge in his room. Viki confides to Charlie that she's missed him.

Careful to keep his name out of it, Todd tells Marty how one of her rapists was pardoned but is still suffering every day for his crime. At the diner, Addie grabs the documents from her sister and rips them up.

Disclosing that her attorney has the originals, Dorian pressures David to come clean or else. John and Blair pick up where they left off and fall into another lingering kiss.

David regretfully informs his startled wife that he's leaving her. Later, Addie tears into Dorian for interfering with her happiness.

Marty inadvertently adds to Todd's burden of guilt when she reminds him how he saved her from certain death. Dorian is badly stung after Addie compares her to Todd.

Alarmed to realize just how close Viki came to dying in the accident, Charlie tearfully vows to do whatever he must to get her back into his life.

Frightened by the storm and the stories about her past, Marty appeals to Todd to stay in her room overnight. David sets a match to the ten million dollar check Clint gave him.

Blair and John succumb to passion and begin to make love.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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