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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on One Life to Live, Starr insists to Cole that they're both too young to raise a child. Cristian angrily reminds Tina how long she's neglected her duties as a parent.

Todd assures a nervous Marty that she'll be safe with him and Keyes. After Carlotta catches them kissing, Antonio and Talia reveal how they only pretended to be broken up in order to trap Ramsey.

Michael tells John why the "Jane Doe" in the X-rays is in rough shape. Tina regretfully admits to Sarah that she has been a bad mother. Marty becomes highly agitated after learning of Lee's death.

Carlotta scolds both her sons for not letting her in on the big secret. John fills his brother in on his theory about the motive for Ramsey's murder.

A tearful Cole tells Starr that their baby is the only family he has left. Later, Cole slams out of the house when Starr repeats her assertion that giving the child up for adoption is their best option.

Todd hesitantly introduces himself to Marty, who shows no flicker of recognition upon hearing his name. Marcie tells Michael she finally feels ready to move on with their life together.

Out of her daughter's earshot, Tina thanks Cris for supporting Sarah and offers to let him turn her in if he believes it's best.

John finds Cole kneeling at Marty's tomb. Starr blurts out her secret to Marcie, then asks if she wants to adopt the baby.

What happens next on One Life to Live? Find out tomorrow!

One Life To Live
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