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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on One Life to Live, Dorian exposes Jared's fraud at the shareholder's meeting. Dorian produces Pamela Stuart to validate her claims.

Dorian also outs that Jared and Natalie have been sleeping together, and spills that Charlie Balsom is really Charlie Banks, Jared's dad. Rex is shocked to hear this.

Jessica is disgusted with her sister for sleeping with Jared and letting Viki think Charlie was Rex's dad. Dorian explains that since Jared was not a Buchanan, and the company charter clearly states only family members can hold board seats, the transactions over the last few months are invalid.

Therefore, the takeover attempt on Buchanan Enterprises was successful. Dorian reveals herself as behind the attempt and announces she has majority control of the company. A furious Clint begins strangling her.

Nash learns that because Jared bought his vineyard, and the transaction is now invalid, he's going to lose the business. Nash is furious with Jared and begins attacking him. As Jared pushes him away from Natalie, Nash ends up going over a balcony and falling through a skylight.

Rex is haunted by the note saying "Your wife is lying to you" and recalls Adriana's odd story about why she had Rex's toothbrush the other night. Gigi reaches out to Rex when he learns that Charlie isn't his father after all. Rex questions Gigi about the note he received. She said it wasn't from her.

A bartender at Rodi's finds Charlie passed out in the ally and uses Charlie's cell phone to contact Viki. Viki calls 911 and tries to resuscitate Charlie when he stops breathing. Roxy and David both agree that telling the truth is often overrated.

Antonio, John and Talia wonder who Ramsey is hiding in his penthouse and decide that Antonio should try to get inside. Meanwhile, Ramsey calms the mystery woman and promises she'll see her loved ones again someday.

Until tomorrow on One Life to Live ...

One Life To Live
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