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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

For Eddie's benefit, John and Antonio again argue publicly in the precinct house. Viki marches over to the Hair Haven and demands to know why Roxy recruited Charlie to lie about being Rex's father.

At the BE shareholders' annual meeting, Lindsay reminds Bo and Clint how proud their dad would be of the way they've saved the firm. Fighting back thoughts of Mel, Dorian pours liquor down an unconscious Charlie's throat.

Ramsey stashes the stolen Mendorran crown jewels in his wall safe. Nash tells Sarah how Jared saved the day when his partner at the vineyard sold him out. Gigi apologizes to Rex for embarrassing him at his own wedding.

Dorian continues to stonewall when David inquires about the mystery man in her bedroom. Later, Dorian instructs her two hefty henchmen to dump Charlie in an alley before she heads to the meeting at BE.

Antonio and John are intrigued by a rare glimpse into Ramsey's personal life. Roxy races off to avoid answering Viki's questions. Clint reports to his shareholders that the firm is thriving.

When the floor is opened to questions, however, Dorian steps forward to loudly accuse the Buchanans of perpetrating a fraud. Rex receives an anonymous note warning that his new bride has been lying to him.

As the members of the press snap photos and scribble in their notebooks, Dorian triumphantly announces that Jared is not Asa's son.

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One Life To Live
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