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One Life to Live
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on One Life to Live ...

Adriana is encouraged when Rex returns to the loft but he quickly dashes her hopes by declaring that they are through. Meanwhile, a miserable Dorian confesses to Langston how she sabotaged her daughter's marriage.

Todd forces his way into La Boulet and demands to speak to Starr. Michael and Marcie enjoy a night of passion. Charlie urges a guilt-stricken Jared to stop blaming himself for the lies his father told.

Later, Jared heads to the Buchanan mansion to try and make amends to Asa's family. At Llanfair, Viki admits to Jessica how angry she is with Natalie.

As Blair phones the police, Starr bitterly reminds her father why he deserves to be alone. Langston gently suggests to Dorian that she can be a bit overbearing when dispensing unsolicited advice to her loved ones.

Charlie tells Natalie why he's so puzzled by his latest tumble off the wagon. Adriana begs her husband not to give up on their relationship so soon after exchanging vows.

Clint, Bo and Nora search for a way to prevent Dorian from claiming BE. When Jessica tearfully wonders if Bree will remember anything of her dad, Viki assures her daughter she can help the child keep Nash's memory alive. Jared promises Nigel he won't rat him out.

Backed up by his new bodyguard, Todd appears on the McBains' doorstep to utter threats but Michael counters with a warning of his own.

Jared attempts to apologize to the Buchanans, then is forced to face a seething Renee. Starr confides to Blair that she's not sure she's ready to become a mother.

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