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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 3/3/08

PART I: Dorian triumphantly shows Nora the video of her foray into the box of secrets. A miserable Starr tells Cole and Langston she has to find a way to avoid moving to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Viki takes Todd to task for concocting such a crazy plan. Though Jessica and Natalie are rattled to learn that Allison has opened her eyes, Nash urges them both to deny any claims the woman might make.

PART II: Blair's encounter with Ramsey leaves her queasy. Todd admits how the new commissioner threatened his family with physical harm. Roxy fears that Dorian is about to send her up the river. Nash explains to his wife how he and Jared doctored police sketches to protect them from being recognized. An outraged Nora realizes that Dorian is taking revenge on her for "stealing" Clint. Starr accuses her dad of ruining her life.

PART III: Michael tells Natalie and Jessica that Allison's eye movement was strictly involuntary because she's still in a coma. Roxy tips Nora off to the fact that the security camera videotape incriminates Dorian as well. Todd cautions his daughter not to try running away with Cole. Dorian and Nora decide to destroy the evidence by burning the tape in a waste basket but the flames quickly set off a sprinkler system. Blair relates for Todd what transpired when she ran into Ramsey at the diner.

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One Life To Live
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