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One Life to Live Episode Guide (3/4/08): PART 1
After the sprinkler system finally shuts off, Clint confronts a bedraggled Dorian and Nora with the remnants of the smoldering videotape. Cole and Starr head to Langston's empty house to spend what might be their last night together. Blair attempts to calm Todd when he suspects that Ramsey has La Boulet bugged with hidden listening devices. Nora sheepishly admits to Clint how she broke into the box of secrets at the Go Red ball in an effort to prove that Lindsay was faking her breakdown.

One Life to Live Episode Guide (3/4/08): PART 2
As he kisses away her tears, Starr asks Cole to make love to her. Langston tries to prevent Todd from discovering that his daughter has slipped out of the house. Bo suggests to Nora that she may have too much on her plate to be a proper guardian for Cole. Enraged to learn how Langston and Markko duped him, Todd demands to know where Cole has taken Starr. When Todd begins roughing up Markko, a frightened Langston flees downstairs to enlist help from Dorian. Clint has a secret visitor at Buchanan Enterprises.

One Life To Live
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