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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
May 1, 2008

Ramsey secretly watches Antonio pocket some of the drug dealer's cash. At the diner, Jessica asks Carlotta if they can be friends again now that some time has passed.

A nervous Langston covers for her friend with Starr's parents. Downstairs, Viki offers Starr a sympathetic ear and promises to keep anything the girl says confidential.

Ramsey elects not to bust Antonio for stealing. Michael reminds a worried Talia why he can't give her any information about Jamie's condition.

Later, John urges his brother to seek counseling for his obviously troubled marriage.

Starr confides to Viki how she was sneaking out to see Cole but deliberately neglects to mention that she plans to run off with her boyfriend.

As Jessica and Sarah admire Cristian's proofs for the new wine labels, Nash meets again with his mysterious investor. John's hackles are raised when Eddie continues to snipe at Talia.

Nash introduces Jessica to Malcolm, who readily agrees to another large loan for the vineyard. Langston slips photos of the Manning family into Starr's bag before she leaves.

Sarah grows a bit melancholy when Cristian wonders if she ever wishes she were closer to her mother. Antonio gruffly orders Talia to keep away from him and his daughter.

Starr and Cole finally reunite on the docks.

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One Life To Live
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