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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Rex awakens with a massive hangover on his wedding day and apologizes to Adriana for making such a fool of himself the night before. David returns to Llanfair and informs an amused Viki that he's had yet another reversal of fortune.

Gigi searches for an excuse to avoid attending Rex and Adriana's nuptials. Matthew wonders about the point of getting married when no one seems to stay hitched for long. Nigel is disappointed when Jared and Natalie explain how they've decided to maintain their masquerade a while longer.

Brody tells Adriana how he saw Rex drop in on Gigi at the carriage house. Bo assures his son that it is possible for two people to love each other their whole lives long. Shane wheedles his mother into agreeing to go to the wedding with him.

Roxy tearfully tells Rex how proud she's always been of being his mom. Gigi confides to an astonished Marcie that Rex is Shane's real father. David lets Viki believe he's come back to town in order to see Dorian's daughter walk down the aisle.

Jessica and Nash enjoy spending the whole morning in bed together. Bo dispenses some last minute advice to the groom-to-be. Later, Rex panics to realize he still hasn't written his vows. Marcie pushes Gigi to tell her son the truth.

David warns a rattled Natalie and Jared that he knows everything. Rex hears Gigi calling for help after Shane suffers an asthma attack.

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