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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on One Life to Live, Gigi doesn't hold her peace when the priest asks if anyone objects to Rex and Adriana getting married. She publicly declares she's in love with Rex. Adriana calmly walks down the aisle and punches Gigi square in the face. Marcie urges Gigi to tell Rex he's Shane's father. Adriana questions Rex if he has feelings for Gigi. Rex admits he cares for Gigi, but it's not the love he feels for Adriana. As the ceremony is about to start, it looks like Gigi might drop the bomb about Shane's paternity when Brody, Shane's "supposed" dad, shows up.

Starr and Cole end up in the hospital, thanks to Todd's struggle with Cole. They both are fine, health wise. Blair turns her back on Todd and orders him to stay away from Starr. Cole confirms Starr's pregnancy to John. The doctor tells Blair and Starr that Starr and her baby will be fine. Blair is shocked to hear her daughter is pregnant.

Dorian hints to Viki that Charlie may not be everything he seems.

David makes himself at home in the Buchanan Mansion. David continues to demand money from Jared or he'll reveal Jared isn't really a Buchanan. When Clint and Nora find David in the house, they demand he leave. To keep David quiet, Jared knocks him out.

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