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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on One Life to Live, Blair is shocked to learn Starr is pregnant. Starr pours her heart out to Blair, who feels guilty that she wasn't there when her daughter needed her most. Starr admits she didn't feel as though she could confide in Blair because she was afraid Blair would have told Todd. Blair blasts Todd for the way he's been treating Starr. A contrite Todd is crushed when Starr won't forgive him. Meanwhile, John and Cole have a man to man talk about Starr's pregnancy. Blair has Todd arrested on assault charges.

Gigi is about to announce that Rex is Shane's father when Brody suddenly arrives at the church.

Brody ends up leaving with Gigi and Shane, who wants Brody to stay with them. Gigi agrees that Brody can spend the night on the couch. Brody is vague when Gigi questions how he found her. Rex and Adriana are pronounced husband and wife but Rex is clearly troubled.

Carlotta gives Talia a piece of her mind about the latter's poor treatment of Antonio (she doesn't yet know Antonio and Talia are secretly dating).

Bo and Lindsay remember their own aborted wedding.

Jared and Nigel scramble to prevent Clint and Nora from discovering David, who slowly regains consciousness after Jared knocked him out. With Natalie's help, Jared and Nigel tie David up in the stables.

One Life To Live
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