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In a flashback, Poussey boards a bus to New York City.

Kaputo arrives to the cafeteria, and Piscatella insists that Poussey had become violent.

Kaputo is surprised to learn Bailey is still there, and takes hi some pills to help calm him down.

Suzanne is on a quest for as many books as she can find, because she wants to know what it feels like to not breathe. All of the other inmates deal with the tragedy of Poussey's death.

When the kitchen crew finds that the body is still in the cafeteria, they have to serve breakfast outside. Red is concerned about her family and wants to protect him.

Taystee goes in to work and is disappointed in the way Kaputo is handling the situation.

Judy King is supposed to be released on the same day, and the prison wants to get her out before the press arrives and say she was done before Poussey was killed.

Kaputo continues to try to get the prison to call the police. Finally, an ambulance arrives, and he has to prepare for a press conference.

Meanwhile, the flashback of Poussey continues, showing her having the time of her life.

Kaputo chooses not to throw Bailey under the bus during the press conference, instead claiming that the victim had been dangerous, and never stating her name.

Taystee, meanwhile, hears the entire thing, and incites a riot once the press conference is over.

In the chaos, Humphry reaches for the gun he snuck in earlier, but drops it. Daya picks it up, and we're left with her pointing it at him, deciding whether or not to shoot while everyone cheers her on.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

So much time chasin' after the bad guys, and then you don't get 'em, and then they blow up your friends or shoot up your convoy, and you just get so mad, tired, and bored. So you just grab a farm kid from a grape field, and you make him juggle live grenades until one of them blows up. And then you shoot him...because you don't want him to grow up without arms or tell on you. Or maybe you just strangle a girl you just had sex with in a small village because her family's gonna kill her anyway, right? And you just gotta get over it. You have to get over it. You got so much of your life to live, and we're so young. We can't let things like this f*ck up the rest of our long lives.

CO Dixon

Poussey keeps extra books under her bed. It's like the library VIP room under there! [pause] Kept? Keeps? [whispers] Kept.

Crazy Eyes