He wouldn't have killed someone if he worked at Best Buy. He'd still be happy puppy guy if he worked at Best Buy.


So, she lyin' there alone on the ground like an old napkin. That ain't right, Mr. Kaputo.


I think I can make them feel safe. Whether they actually are is another story.


I saw my grandparents, but they were in casketts. They looked like that puppet from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.


I wanna know what it feels like to not breathe.


Is this the bus to the underworld?


You tell that Caputo to call the f*cking cops! You tell them to arrest that murdering guard and get our girl off the floor, Taystee! You tell them! This sh*t ain't right!


You rage, I eat. We all have our way.

Black Cindy [on grief]

Leaving her like this, you'd think they'd have some humanness in them.


How am I feeling? Better now that I've gotten a little sleep, but my back hurts a lot, my soul hurts a little...and I have to make sure that if they're killing us now, they don't kill one of mine.


So much time chasin' after the bad guys, and then you don't get 'em, and then they blow up your friends or shoot up your convoy, and you just get so mad, tired, and bored. So you just grab a farm kid from a grape field, and you make him juggle live grenades until one of them blows up. And then you shoot him...because you don't want him to grow up without arms or tell on you. Or maybe you just strangle a girl you just had sex with in a small village because her family's gonna kill her anyway, right? And you just gotta get over it. You have to get over it. You got so much of your life to live, and we're so young. We can't let things like this f*ck up the rest of our long lives.

CO Dixon

Poussey keeps extra books under her bed. It's like the library VIP room under there! [pause] Kept? Keeps? [whispers] Kept.

Crazy Eyes