On Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4, Healy tries to assert his authority with Judy. Meanwhile, Alex enlists Red to help her control Lolly before Frieda can kill her.

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When you watch Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4, you'll see Healy force Judy into teaching a cooking class for the prisoners because he thinks that is what's best for her. Healy's backstory is also explored and his mother-savior complex is revealed. Meanwhile, Alex, Red, and Frieda try to control Lolly's crazy outbursts. Sophia uses drastic measures to get Caputo's attention. Piper learns Maria is starting a rival business. Doggett confronts Coates with how he raped her. Aleida learns she is getting early release.

Episode Details

Alex enlists Red with help controlling Lolly. Meanwhile, Healy thinks he knows what's best for Judy, and Sophia demands Caputo's attention.

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Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Frieda: I slept on it like you said, took a nice cold shower, did some of those breathing exercises.
Alex: And?
Frieda: I still think we should kill her.

Red: Poison is beneath you, Frieda. It's for witches and bored housewives, not badass biker chicks with octopus tattoos.
Frieda: What can I say? I'm gettin' old.