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Sarah escapes the barn as Proletheans show up, and she finds Mark bleeding out in the corn field. She rescues him, but he refuses to go to a hospital in case Castor finds him. 

They decided to work together to treat his wounds in exchange for information on where Helena is. 

Helena stages an escape attempt from the Castor base, and she sees them testing on male clones. 

Gracie returns home with her mother, but she starts bleeding and miscarries.

Donnie and Allison suspect that their new business is being watched. Ramon's suppliers confront them about their dealing, threatening their kids and taking their product.

Back with Mark, Sarah calls the cops as soon as he passes out, and she goes to find the toolbox Mark recovered.

Alison meets with Ramon's old supplier, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend from high school. They make a deal, and Alison becomes his new dealer in the community. 

In Mark's recovered toolbox, Sarah finds proof that Henrick was Duncan's lab assistant back in the day. She calls Cosima and they realize that Henrick successfully created another clone from the originals Castor DNA. Mark reveals that Henrick had a baby that died and they'll have to dig up the grave to get a DNA sample.

Helena makes a key to her cell out of an old steak bone, and she finds the male clone they were studying. His head has been cut open to expose his brain for experimentation. He begs her to kill him. She stabs him in the brain but gets caughtin the process.

Sarah digs up the baby's body, but Rudy shows up just as she finds it. Mark intercedes before Rudy can kill her, but the two Castors clones are left with a problem since she's a lose end. 

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mark: Stick it in fast, it will hurt less.
Sarah: God, you must be one hell of a first date.

Oh my god! Is everyone else's life this chaotic?