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Claire is sitting in a house looking at art. She is dreaming of a life she'll never have with Jamie.

Yep. It was the Browns who kidnapped her. Lionel Brown. He's making her repent for the sin of being Doctor Rawlings. He wants her to confess to the womenfolk for being a charlatan.

The painting that Claire looks at in her future has a painting of their house. It's Thanksgiving. Ian is in the military.

Brown's men believe Claire is a conjurer. She tries to use it to her advantage, but she doesn't seem to have any advantages in this situation.

They're going to roast Claire over a spit?

A man named Tebby tries to help Claire. They are going to be on the road for a while.

Claire tries to get Tebby to let her go so the waterhorse doesn't rise up and eat him with everyone else.

Murtagh is alive in her dream and with Jocasta.

Claire screams Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ and a man who had formerly tried to talk to her seems to recognize it.

Claire is tied to a tree away from the camp.

Fergus and Marsali look so groovy.

Claire is even imagining rabbits on the ground near her. She begins to struggle to breathe.

The man asks -- does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you? He knew that she had to be from the future. He never imagined he'd find another one, ever.

Wendigo Donner is the guy's name. He knew "Bob." He and a group of American Indians came back from 1968 to save the Indians, so he's shocked that Bob got killed by the Mohawk.

In her future dream, Claire sees Lionel just before he brings over to her a young man to rape her.

This is beyond fucking unpleasant.

Claire gets beaten again by Lionel before he, too, rapes her.

There is a leak in the roof of the dining room.

The two empty seats at the dining room table bother Claire.

Claire is on the ground when things go to hell by the camp. It's Jamie and his men.

Needless to say, the men never stood a chance. Roger is quite lethal when the demand arises.

Jamie finds Claire. He's absolutely gutted at the state of her. He doesn't even know how to handle her.

Fergus and Ian have horror on their faces when another man offers to Claire a dagger to have her vengeance. Jamie says she cannot kill for her oath and orders the deaths of all men. Ian reports back that it is done.

Jamie carries Claire to the massacre to prove to her they are dead.

Lionel, of course, is alive. No. Lionel. Eh, whatever. What's in a name anyway?

Roger wants him alive so the man will answer questions. Jamie wants to take Claire home, so Lionel is going with them.

Claire asks after Marsali who is alive with her baby.

Claire is wrapped safely in her daughter's arms with Marsali by their side.

Bree helps her mother bathe, finally leaving her to try to soak away some of the pain.

Jamie is full of rage and wants to kill someone. Lionel is in the surgery all beat up. Jamie wants to find out what he's planning. Claire wants to let Lionel live.

She's glad the others are dead.

Roger wonders if Claire was able to talk about it. No. It's still so raw. Bree doesn't know if she ever will.

Roger has something he needs to tell Bree, but he does it in the dark. He killed a man.

Claire visits Lionel. He begs for mercy. He begs Claire not to let that husband of hers kill him. Claire asks Marsali to prepare the syringe.

Good god, he's a useless piece of shit.

Claire visits her future again picking up an orange. I will do you no harm, Claire says and leaves the surgery/

Claire goes upstairs and falls apart.

Lionel pushes Marsali to the edge. He thinks his brother will come and kill them all if they let anything happen to them.

Marsali worries Lionel will haunt her, and she'll go to hell. Jamie assures her that's not the case.

Jamie takes Lionel back to his people.

The conversation is short and sweet. Brown thanks Jamie for returning Lionel who reaped what he sowed. Jamie did what he must.

Of course, Brown threatens Jamie. He'll do what he must when the time comes. Idiot.

Claire wants to enjoy the ordinary day. Who knows how much longer the peace will last knowing what's coming.


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Outlander Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Roger: You called me at the gathering at the fire. Stand by my side, son of my house. Did you mean that?
Jamie: You ken I did.
Roger: Well, I meant it too. There are times for men of peace. There are times for men of blood. I will stand by you.

There's been an attack on the ridge. They've taken your mother. I think it was the Browns. We'll get her back.