Take care of him.


Brianna: You are going to die, to hang by the neck until you are dead, and if it makes dying easier for you to know there is something of you left on this earth, then you are welcome to the knowledge
Bonnet: So I'll soon be gone but not forgotten.
Brianna: I have no choice but to live with what you have done to me, but you will be forgotten. My baby will never know your name, will never even know that you existed. While you rot in the ground, I will raise my child to be a good person, to be nothing like you.

Brianna: Do you know who I am?
Bonnet: The Queen of Sheba?

There's from where I come from, "Look out for number one." Well, from now on, that's me. And if you're smart, you'll do the same. Turn your back on love and take your freedom. Save yourself because if you don't, no one ever will.


But the difference is I've learned something from my pain. I've changed.


Your father entrusted me to look after you. I'm not sure that encompassed taking afternoon tea with a murderer.

Lord John

Claire: I'm sorry I didn't tell you it was Stephen Bonnet when I knew. Had I, it might have saved Roger. I never thought I would keep a secret like that from you.
Jamie: Until Brianna.
Claire: When I made you that promise there was no one else in my life that would come before you. But I don't know if I can keep that promise anymore.
Jamie: I understand, but I cannot be a father of to her.
Claire: Of course, you can. She's just hurt right now.
Jamie: She doesna need me. I never thought I'd be jealous of a dead man.
Claire: Of Frank?
Jamie: You heard what Bree said. Frank would have never said those things to her or made the mistakes that I have.
Claire: Frank made plenty of mistakes. All parents do.
Jamie: Bree thinks he's a better man. I thought perhaps you were beginning to feel the same, Sassenach.
Claire: You fool. Come here. She didn't mean it. She doesn't want you to go to hell.

Phaedra: Mr. Forbes was quite taken with you last night. He plans to ask for your hand in marriage. Mistress Cameron has given her blessing.
Brianna: Of course she has.

Ye cannot live on hope.

Aunt Jocasta

Lord John: Your father would never divulge to me anything that you did not wish me to know. He's an honorable man.
Brianna: Don't talk to me about my father.

If there was a moving picture about me, I'd be seen as a fearsome brute.


Claire: You told me you hit a tree.
Jamie: No, you said that. I just let you believe it.

Outlander Quotes

Shhh. Come find me, Jamie. Come find me. Find us.


She asked forgiveness and I gave it, but the truth is I'd forgiven everything she'd done and everything she could do long before that day. For me, that was no choice, that was falling in love.