Left Behind - Outsiders
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G'Win revealed that the hunt would need to happen quickly because there was a lack of food and the winter was drawing nearer. 

Surprisingly, she made the decision to allow Foster to take the lead. This was not met with a warm response from the others, who maintained that he should not be there. 

During the hunt, there was a lot of meat found, but it was all sabotaged and destroyed. This worried G'Win, who questioned who could have done it. 

The finger was pointed at Foster, with Margan leading the charge. G'Win pointed out that there was no way it could have been him, but everyone else seemed to think it was. 

Sally Ann appeared on the mountain and told Hasil about the pregnancy. He seemed disinterested with her. He later revealed it was because of the way things were going on the mountain. 

He felt like he was getting somewhere with the people and being given tasks to do. This was not what Sally Ann wanted to here. In the end, they made things right with one another. 

Hasil said she would not be getting rid of the baby, but they were practically forced off the mountain. 

Ledda decided to protest against Haylie's company. She was arrested by Wade. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

This new Big Foster is not the same, and with the world below plotting to crush us and take our home, what sense does it make to send away our most dedicated warrior?


Sally Ann: I'm glad you're happy to see me.
Hasil: Yeah.
Sally Ann: I was worried, I thought you'd be mad at me.
Hasil: I wasn't mad at you.
Sally Ann: Hmm?
Hasil: No, I was worried more than anything. I mean, you told me that we ain't got nothing in common.
Sally Ann: I know what I said, Hasil. The truth is that we got something in common.
Hasil: What's that?
Sally Ann: I'm pregnant.