No One's Backing Down - Outsiders
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Haylie is going up the hill with Foster, but she tries to make a run for it. Foster finds her and hits her. When she is up the hill, the Farrells call for her death. 

G'Winn finds out she had no idea that the water was toxic and shows her the compound. Haylie seems to think everyone is getting along well and is surprised about how different things are up the mountain in comparison to what she thought. 

She was then locked in the cage and almost killed by the mother of a deceased child. G'Win then shared Farrell wine with her and the two women became friends, talking about the past. 

After being drunk, Haylie wakes up the next day at the bottom of the mountain and takes some Farrell wine with her. 

Sally Ann interviews for a job, and gets it. However, she is worried when she learns that Hasil has returned to fighting. She decides to call the shots with the money and brokers a deal with Butch. 

Wade tried to find Haylie and followed a lead, but he was also getting closer to Dayna, who wanted sex from him. 


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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

The Farrells have been on this mountain for over two-hundred-years. We are not going to give up this fight.


G'Win: You must be thirsty. This water, it comes fresh from our spring.
Haylie: Why am I here?
G'Win: Because you lead that coal company.
Haylie: No, no. There's been a big misunderstanding. I don't lead One Planet.