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Remember those nude photos taken of Laura? They come back to haunt her on Pan Am this week.

Richard teaches Kate how to pickpocket.

Amanda visits Maggie and her friendly hug lasts just a tad too long.

Laura is recognized from her nude photos, which are on display at a gallery in the village.

Maggie tells Ted about the kiss, and he doesn't take it well.

Dean tries desperately to get Colette back, but she puts in for a transfer to Hong Kong.

Laura goes to Ted's to borrow money, but accepts an investment in friendship from Amanda instead.

Skygod, George Broyles, asks Maggie to be his smuggling partner.

Andy Warhol is interested in Laura's photos.

Amanda admits she is more comfortable with women, but still wants to marry Ted.

Maggie turns down Broyles and Dean clocks him in the kisser.

The crew reacts when John F. Kennedy is shot.




Pan Am
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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Just because I can see my future and you've never been able to see your own doesn't mean you can start a rumor...


Richard: In other words, seduce them.
Kate: In other words, put some Pan Am into it?