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Sarah and her two kids, Amber and Drew, move into her parents’ home.  She is now a single mother that needs help getting back on her feet.   

When helping his dad fix a car, Adam gets call from his wife Kristina saying their son, Max, doesn't want to go to his baseball game. 

Adam gets Max to the game by promising him three ice cream scoops afterwards.

The entire family is at Max's game to support him.  He finally gets a hit, but the umpire calls him out when he was actually safe!  Adam and the umpire get into a screaming match.   

The Braverman women talk about how Sarah needs a date, possibly with a cute Jim of the past.

Drew, Sarah’s son, desperately wants to move back to Fresno to be with his dad.

Crosby’s girlfriend wants to have a baby and he promises to impregnate her in three years. 

After being called a freak, Max gets in a fight at school and bites a student.  The school administrators want him moved to another school. 

Sarah finds condoms in her dad's office desk. She then gets a call; Amber and Haddie were arrested for marijuana possession.  Amber claims it's not hers, without the belief of her mother. 

Sarah goes out on a blind date, with a very unattractive Jim.  Jim gives her back her ring from when they dated in high school.  She begins to cry, because he is so nice and she married such a bad choice.   They end up doing it on her parents’ couch.

Sarah and Jim are later caught half naked in the kitchen by Drew.

Kristina hears from the educational therapist.  Max might have Asperger syndrome.  

Sarah gets a call from Seth, her ex.  Drew is in Fresno with his dad. She goes to pick him up.

Max cannot go to Sydney’s school performance because there are candles by the door.  Adam tells his dad that there might be something wrong with Max and asks for help.

Crosby meets with an ex-girlfriend named Jasmine and finds out a young boy, Jabbar, is his son.  

Max decides he does want to play baseball and the entire Braverman family heads to the field. 

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mom, I'm on my feet I'm not destitute. I've just got a little financial trouble and two degenerate kids, but I'll be fine.


Max: Isn't the game today?
Adam: Well buddy I thought you were done with baseball.
Max: It's my team.
Adam: Games in 10 minutes everybody.