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The episode begins with a clearly distracted Kristina faking an orgasm in bed with her husband Adam.

Crosby gets the results of his paternity test, proving he is Jabbar’s father.  He then remembers he now has to tell his parents.

A behavioral aide, Gabby, begins therapy with Max.  A tearful Kristina admits to Gabby that Max doesn't really have any friends, and she actually helps him make a friend at the park.

Sarah gets a visit from Mr. Sears at her bar and he asks her on a date.  

Sarah goes to ask Crosby's advice about dating Amber's teacher, and he let's her know it would be acceptable.  He then asks her to help him tell their parents about Jabbar, which she tells him he needs to do on his own.

At a play group, Crosby notices Racquel's adoration for Joel.  He then goes to thank Julia for hooking him up with the group, and lets it slip that all the woman in the group worship Joel.  He also tells her that Racquel flirts with Joel.

Kristina breaks down to Gabby, on worrying about Max all the time and not even being able to enjoy sex with her husband.

Then after a few glasses of wine, Kristina admits to Adam that she has faked orgasms.

Julia confronts her husband about Racquel, and he admits that a few months ago she did try and kiss him.  He didn't tell Julia because Racquel's daughter, Harmony, is Sydney's best friend.  

Crosby takes his parents out to dinner and lets them know that he won't be a burden to then anymore, because he is a father.  

Mr. Sears goes to visit Sarah, and apologizes about the childish note he wrote to ask her out.  He then kisses her!

Crosby then takes Jabbar to meet his parents.  Zeek brings out Crosby's old childhood bike for Jabbar to ride.


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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Does he look like you, because you were the cutest kid ever!?!


Adam: So I'm just going to say that felt like the real deal. I'm right?
Kristina: Yep, your right!