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At yoga with his son, Crosby meets a woman with a son the same age as Jabbar.  They arrange a playdate, which ends when she unsuccessfully tries to seduce Crosby.

Sarah goes out with Mr. Cyr and they hold hands. Sarah admits feeling guilty for not telling Amber about their date, and then they kiss.

Haddie goes to work with Julia, which ultimately has her question why she became a lawyer in the first place. 

Adam takes a few clients to a hip joint for dinner, but tries to rush through it to have time with his wife.  He runs into Max's therapist Gabby parting the night up with her girlfriends.

Mr. Cyr sends Sarah flowers at work. She goes to get advice from Kristina and Julia, and they tell her its OK for her to sleep with him.

When Jasmine goes to pick up Jabbar, it appears she is developing feelings for Crosby.

Sarah goes to Mr. Cyr's apartment.  He shows her the paragraph he highlighted in The Sound and the Fury, the same exact sentence that she wrote her high school English paper on. 

Adam then tells Sarah that Amber has a crush on Mr. Cyr.  He thinks it's not a good idea for them to continue dating.  Sarah talks to Amber about her new relationship, and she tells her mother half heartedly that it is great.  After her mom leaves she breaks down and cries.

Adam flips out to Kristina, because he has no time for himself and no life.  He feels like he is constantly being pulled in different directions by all his family members. 

Sarah then goes and breaks up with Mr. Cyr, and asks him to date her in two years when Amber graduates from high school.  He pleads with her not to end things, because he really likes her.

Amber bails on her SAT's and is picked up by her Fresno boyfriend.

Adam goes surfing to have some much needed time for himself.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

OK seriously, I want to know what you've got going on down there!


Sarah: Seduce me with The Sound and the Fury.
Mr. Cyr: It would work every time.