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Kristina is very pregnant while Adam still searches for work.

Crosby remains a good father, but Jasmine doesn't like him introducing his girlfriends to Jabar. He dreams of starting his own recording studio with Adam as a partner.

The family has a party for Sarah' fortieth birthday and Amber decides it's time for her to move out of the house. 

Camille reminds Sarah what she was like on her fortieth birthday.

Sarah runs into Amber's old teacher, Sean, and they share a spark again.

As Haddie begins her senior year, she heads out to a party and gets drunk. While trying to protect her, Alex punches her host and his parents press charges.

Julia, still aching for a baby of her own, decides she wants to try to adopt the baby of the latte girl who works in her office building.

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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh man, this baby's pushing on my bladder like you wouldn't believe. I need an adult diaper.


We haven't had a single interview in six months. We need Gaga.