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The Braverman clan gathers together after Amber’s accident for support. She is very lucky and comes out relatively unscathed. Zeek is the one who finally gets through to her about her recent behavior and how it affects everyone around her.

Crosby is still throwing caution to the wind in hopes of winning Jasmine back, and she seems receptive to his offer.

Joel and Julia decide they will adopt another baby.

Sarah’s play is read and well received by the audience. Zeek is the actor playing her father in the reading and steals the show.

Adam is finally fired from his job, and then finds out Kristina is pregnant.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Max: Are you mad at me because I have Asperger's?
Adam: No, Max, I'm not mad at you because you have Asperger's. Never.

She's a very lucky girl.