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Did Sarah say yes? We'll learn for certain on the Season 4 premiere of Parenthood.

Julia and Joel have adopted a young boy named Victor, and he's having trouble fitting in.

Haddie gets ready to leave for college as the entire family prepares to say goodbye.

Max acts out more than usual at Haddie's impending movie.

Mark is concerned that he's not really a part of the family when he's not invited to sit in the family portrait.

Sarah gets a job with a cranky photographer, gets fired and rehired.

Jasmine and Crosby grapple with how to handle spirituality and God with Jabar.

Amber works at the Luncheonette and gets involved with a band member who isn't all he seems to be.

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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

We think it's just better if you let us handle the big questions with Jabar.


And now, take your shirt off!