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Sarah, Crosby and Adam all arrive at major life decisions on the season three finale of Parenthood.

Wedding planning is disrupted by a knock down drag out fight between Adam and Crosby.

Zoe thanked Julia for changing her life.

Sarah realized that she and Mark are in different places in life.

Drew and Amy make love.

Amber asks Bob for her job, but wants to do it without the relationship.

Mark shows up at the wedding and asks Sarah to marry.

Joel and Julia get a call from the adoption agency.

Adam rips up the offer to sell The Luncheonette.

Crosby and Jasmine drive off into the sunset.

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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Sarah: You know what a lot of people do in preparation for a wedding?
Amber: What?
Sarah: Shower.

Yeah, well you weren't being very best manly so I replaced you for the job.