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Jasmine and Crosby organize their first event for Jabar's school.

Sydney starts showing her jealousy of Victor.

Ryan needs to attend a funeral for one of the guys from his old unit, and Amber volunteers to attend with him.

Mark walks in on Drew having sex with Amy.

Jasmine and Crosby argue over the party, as Crosby is working double covering for Adam.

Sydney decides to run away.

Ryan beats the crap out of his friend when he continually calls their friend who committed suicide a coward.

Max drives Adam to his limit.

Adam watches Kristina in pain and has a revelation.

Jasmine and Crosby throw a wonderful party and make up afterward.

Kristina feels much better.

Amber and Ryan end the weekend with a happy swim in the ocean.

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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Have you committed a murder? Is there some sort of a cover up? What's going on?


You know what? You're right. Tomorrow's ruined, we might as well ruin today, too. Let's make it a whole crap shoot for the whole weekend.