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Corrine falls off ladder and has a vision of falling down a quarry and also of a brutal murder.  She runs to the bathroom and snorts drugs to block her visions.  Susan, Corrine’s sister, calls the police because she has an overdose. 

Price arrives to work smelling like alcohol and clearly hung over, and is given a hard time by Kate.

Susan goes to see Kate about her sister's regressions. Corrine agrees to get help to deal with her past life experiences, even though she is skeptical

Corrine has recently moved onto harder drugs, since the visions have become worse. 

Price and Kate show Corrine a video of someone falling in hopes of triggering a regression.  She freaks out when it does happen and begs them for drugs to mask pain she feels.

While interviewing Susan, Price notices all Corrine’s schoolwork is dated with the same date, April 14th.  Why is this date so important to her?

Price searches April 14th and sunflowers, Corrine's latest obsession, on the internet. He learns about the sunflower killer, Fredric Lamm, who convicted of first degree murder for the 1985 slaying of Jenny Macomber.  His execution date is set for April 14, just a few days away. 

They arrive at the Florida State Prison.  Corrine has a vision, when meeting Fredric, showing when he was sentenced to death in court.  Her past life must have been present at that time.  She also feels guilty when meeting him.

Price and Kate take Corrine to the murder site.  She sees a vision of the dead girl and a white man with a polo country club shirt on.

Corrine helps create a sketch composite of the killer.  Kate and Price take the composite to the Glenwick Country Club in Jacksonville Florida.  They identify the man as Webber Fant. 

They arrange a meeting with Mr. Fant.  Corrine doesn't have a regression because she was high on drugs. Corrine admits she used because she saw herself in a photo at the country club, as the man standing next to Fant, Stephen Resch. 

Kate then takes Corrine to a steam room, to sweat out the drugs.

They discover that Stephen Resch was found dead in the Jamison Quarry, and that he also worked with Fant. They believe Resch was with Fant when he killed Jenny Macomber.  Fant didn't trust Resch, so he must have murdered him as well. 

Corrine gets a call from her sister, pleading with her to come back home sober. 

Price, Kate, and Corrine head to the quarry.  Corrine sees that Resch was drunk and fell down quarry looking for a lamp, the murder weapon.  She also sees the name Mackenzie.  They discover that the two lawyers were not the murders, but their client was.  He was the third person in the room. 

Fant knows who killed Jenny and it wasn't Fredric Lamm.  Fant will not give up any information due to attorney client privilege.  Poor Fredric Lam is scheduled to be executed the next day.

Kate takes Corrine back to see Lamm, which triggers a vision of Resch making a confessional tape and hiding it at work.  They go to the office and find the hidden VHS tape. 

Bernie Grossman, the client of Resch and Fant is the murderer.  Grossman admitted to them that he killed Jenny and threw the murder weapon in the quarry. 

Fredric Lamm is freed and Grossman is arrested.  In the end, an innocent man is saved from the death penalty. 

Past Life
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Past Life Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kate: The idea of karma is that we have the ability to reset the natural balance. That's what we're going to do.
Corrine: A girls dead, she's not coming back, how do you reset that?

Price: Screw the system, OK. A man's life is at stake here.
Kate: If you know something you have to come forward. There's still time to do the right thing.
Fant: I'm sorry, I took an oath, I have an ethical duty.