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Jenny Stafford enters a quickie mart and goes to check out. She sees the cashier, which immediately triggers a violent and sexual past life vision.

Jenny Stafford goes to Kate for help.  Jenny has been experiencing blackouts and violent past life visions.  She has been seeing awful things, even being intimate with another man.  

They begin hypnotic therapy on Jenny which triggers a past life regression of being shot by a lover.  Jenny also sees Jackie Kennedy on TV, which indicates her past life must be from 1962.  Jenny was born in 1985.  Why did her soul skip a lifetime?

Price also learns Jenny bought a gun last week. 

Kate and Price go to interview Cole, Jenny's fiancé.  They notice an antique watch which Jenny bought for him.  They also learn she keeps buying things at a local store, and asking the manager about a clerk named Brian.

Brian quit work five weeks ago, when he first met Jenny.  They go to his house and see a strange shrine to Jenny.  He has become obsessed with her, not being able to leave his house.

The team begins regression therapy on Brian.  Kate shows the watch to Brian, which triggers a past life regression.  He sees himself chasing a woman through a crowd in front of a night club, then into an alley, the location of her death. The nightclub in their vision was the Andron, open in 1985, not 1962

Next, Kate performs a regression session on both Jenny and Brian, together.  They see a vision that they were both shot by other men.  They also see a windmill and Jenny calls Kevin Jimmy. 

Jenny is determined to put this all behind her and marry Cole, so Kate decides to attend the wedding. 

Price investigates the nightclub and learns that the windmill diner, robbed by Susan and Jimmy Meredith in 1985, was right down the street.  Both Susan and Jimmy were killed in a shootout with the police. 

In 1962, Paula Harris and Ed White robbed liquor stores and were shot dead by police. 
Jenny and Brain are reincarnated souls of both these couples.  Their souls find each other over consecutive lifetimes recommit those crimes and ultimately die together.

Brain calls Jenny before she is married and convinces her to leave with him.

Kate goes to interview Mrs. Harris, Paula’s mother.  Her husband caught Ed and Paula in her bedroom.  Her husband was killed and Ed and Paula disappeared.  Kate notices that Mrs. Harris has a music box collection. Kate selects one that plays the Carousel Waltz, which turns out to be Paula’s favorite.  Mrs. Harris gives it to Kate as a gift. 

Brain robs a convenience store and shoots clerk.  Scared, Jenny calls Kate for help. Kate arrives at the hotel, and shows Kevin music box.  This evokes a vision of Paula's father strangling Ed and Paula killing her own dad, hitting him with the music box. 

Brian takes Jenny as a hostage, but releases her.  He aims gun at Kate and is taken down by cops.  Kate is really distressed that the case ended in Brian’s death.

Price visits Kate to cheer her up, and they end up drinking Tequila.

Past Life
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Past Life Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kate: It's open.
Price: Your not in Texas anymore dufus, you should lock the door.

You have to accept that the great Kate can't always fix everything.